The DALHOUSIE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL is committed to provide the people of this town and those visiting this beautiful hillstation with basic civic amenities and services in accordance with rules governing the Municipal Council.  
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Right to Information

In pursuance of the promulgation of Right to Information Act,2005 the following been put in position.
1) Any citizen of of India seeking any information relating to Municipal Council Dalhousie can submit an application to Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO).
2) The application shall be considered for providing desired information only if accompanied by application fees of Rs. 10/-

Mandatory disclosures under RTI Act 2005, have been made undeneath. The publication of these disclosures are being done in Hindi / Devnagiri script so that its reach is maximised. If you are unable to view the following in a proper form you are required to install the KrutiDev014 font. To download and install the font CLICK HERE